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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Wedding stationery is more than one element. Designers can create magic with paper and designs and are able to bring out your unique personality through the stationery! Today we are featuring one of our newest members and designers - Bacht Design.

What inspired you to start your business? As I was growing up in a family full of artists, I always felt like the odd one out, I couldn't draw like my sister and I couldn't paint like the other and I always wanted to be creative like them... but then we got a computer, and that was absolutely amazing for me because that was the first thing I was better in understanding. I always wanted to know how do people create the things I see online or on tv so I did some research and I knew that was what I wanted to be... a graphic designer. So as the years went by and I could finally choose my own subjects in high school, I took the design subject and that just lit the fire in me and I absolutely was 100% sure that was what I will be doing after matric.

So after matric I did not have the funds to go to college so I had to immediately start working and so I did but I had to work as an IT Call centre agent and that made me so comfortable to talk to people and understand them more so after almost two years as a call centre I had a few funds put away to start with an online graphic design course. That was so awesome starting to learn the basics of graphic design and then I was sure I was going to give my all to become a good graphic designer and I kept on practising and learning and I started a small portfolio where I only did corporate branding then I received a offer to work as a junior at the graphic design department and I remember feeling like a small frog in a huge pond with all those graphic designers that is so experienced and their work was just amazing, but that's where I started to learn about events and designing invitations and I absolutely fell in love with it!

After a few months working there a few people started asking me to help them with designs and so I thought to myself that this can actually be a thing, what If I start my own business as a graphic designer... And that is how Bacht design started and I went from working for loads of people to now being completely free and being my own boss. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows but I will never look back because I finally achieved my goal in life. Now I just keep on working hard and giving my best.

How did you go from idea to launch? So after doing my online courses and working hard to improve my skills, I started by talking to trusted allies about my idea and telling them my plan and what I want to achieve. Then I researched my market and I remember asking myself what will I do differently,  what would make Bacht Design not like any other so I drafted out a business plan and making mood boards of wedding ideas and styles that were unique and then I built my prototype  “taking my idea to the test”  and I raised enough money to fund my business and so that is how I went from idea to launching.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I just enjoy making pretty things for other people and seeing the happiness that my work can give to other people, It is just amazing being part of someone else's big day and helping to make the day just absolutely stunning. I also enjoy working with the clients, every bride I work with I built my own unique relationship with them and getting to know each and everyone's unique style and differences. Most of the people think that I am the one helping them, but actually they are the ones helping me and making me happy. I just absolutely love my job and I would not trade it for anything.

Do you specialize in a specific style or theme? I do not specialize in a specific style because I absolutely love trying new things and colours and that is what a lot of people like about Bacht Design is the fact that we are so different from the other and we are always trying out new styles, we love being different.

What is your favourite color combination? Mmh... My favourite color combination. This is a difficult one but I have a few favourites. I love mixing rose gold with emerald green and gold with emerald green, I also love dusty blue and gold and I just love dusty pink with black, blue and orange can also be very niceand dusty pink with gold is also nice. I like the colour gold! There is so many other colours that I like but this is the ones I really like.

How far in advance would you advise a bride to start sourcing their wedding invitations? For save the dates I will prefer 6 months notice so that the guests can start planning and Rsvp if possible and for the formal invitations I will give them out about 2months prior, because then you can get the exact number of guests and someone's plans might change and they can give notice. You don’t want to stress about numbers a month before the wedding, believe me been there and I have done that.

What advice do you have for couples when it comes to stationery? I honestly would say that they don’t have to be afraid to go out with the invitations, because when you send out the invites, it really does make a statement and I don’t say you have to pay millions because there is a lot of cheaper options that can also look stunning. Just make sure you are with the right designer.

For the rest of the stationery, I would say it’s not always necessary to have everything, but it is each and everyone's own decision but we all love things to be pretty. When buying stationery always think to yourself  “Do I really need this” because I know I like to get stuff just because it looks pretty, I think I have over 15 different notebooks just because it looks cute haha... So I would just say be open-minded and don’t compare to what others have because you don’t know the circumstances.

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